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Residential window cleaning services in Hatfield, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City and surrounding areas

The Window Cleaning Co are committed to being the best window cleaners in Hatfield and throughout Hertfordshire

We deliver the highest standards of cleaning and unlike other window cleaners in Hertfordshire we use both modern pure water and traditional window cleaning methods.

What is pure water window cleaning?

Purified water is defined as water that has been filtered or processed to remove impurities. It has many industrial uses and the filtration process makes it perfect for cleaning windows. This is because ordinary tap water contains many impurities and naturally occuring minerals including limescale, magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. These impurities  result in hard water deposits such as the limescale found in your kettle. When used in window cleaning it can leave white spots on the glass but purified water has all the hard water deposits filtered out. This means it dries naturally to leave a streak-free, sparkling clear finish.

Window cleaners in Hatfield, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City

Our residential window cleaning service is available for one-off cleans or as part of a regular, ongoing service.

We generally recommend an 8 weekly cleaning cycle so we attend your home every  2 months to clean your windows.

The Window Cleaning Co include cleaning window frames, sills, ledges and doors as part of the service.

Conservatory & Conservatory Roof Cleaning in Hatfield

Is your conservatory roof turning green from algae or is the UPVC dirty and stained? We can clean and restore it with our high quality, great value for money conservatory cleaning and conservatory roof cleaning in Hatfield.


Water fed poles (also known as WFP) are the means with which we clean windows with the pure water. As the name implies the poles are fed with purified water. In plain English, this means that pure water is pumped up through the pole and sprayed onto the glass and frames through jets in the soft bristle brush head on the end of the pole.

Using the brush head we then agitate the glass and scrub it clean while spraying it all the time with clean water. The pure water cleans and rinses at the same time which results in thoroughly cleaned windows and frames and a streak-free finish. The windows are allowed to drive naturally as they leave no residue or hard water spotting. Our water fed poles extend up to 35 feet  allowing us to reach windows that used to be inaccessible e.g. over conservatory roofs, dormers and town houses several storeys high. Other advantages of WFP and purified water include:

  • cleaning can be done from the ground and no need to use ladders

  • no cleaning chemicals required

  • chemicals can leave a sticky residue on glass which attracts dirt

  • pure water means windows stay cleaner for longer

  • higher, extended reach

  • spotless, clear, streak-free finish

  • we can clean windows on all types of residential properties including flats, town houses and large detached homes

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Our commitment to providing the best window cleaning services in Hatfield is demonstrated by our use of traditional window cleaning methods. We are unlike other professional window cleaners in Hertfordshire in that we are also happy to use traditional methods when necessary. This involves cleaning windows by hand using a squeegee.

First the glass and frames are cleaned using a microfibre cleaning sleeve which cleans using soapy water. Then a squeegee is swept over the glass surface to clear away the soap and leave the window thoroughly cleaned.

We do not charge extra for cleaning window frames, sills and ledges. We include this for FREE as part of our exceptional service.

The drawback of using traditional methods is that upstairs windows require the use of ladders and the inherent danger of ladder work to the window cleaner. Therefore water fed poles are our preferred method for our domestic window cleaning service in Hatfield, St Albans and Welwyn Garden City.

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